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🔹Ahmed Rangel, also known as "Bayza"; he was born and raised in La Chorrera, Panama 🇵🇦 in June 1998. He uses FL Studio for his music production.

🔹Life Events:
► 2012, Started making reggae and hip-hop tracks just for fun.
► 2014, he decided to start making "Electro House" music, in the "Big Room" subgenre under the alias "Bayza", that is a variation of his maternal surname "Baysa".
    • In March, he self-released his first track on SoundCloud: "Blast Off".
     • In June, he signed and released with "Cube Cherry Records" his firsts tracks on Spotify: Collapse (June), Unleashe (July) and some more.
► 2016, in August he self-released a track for first time on Spotify: Audio Killer (August).
► 2018, he inclined his interests in the music production of his tracks toward the genres Melbourne Bounce/Psytrance.
    • He signed with "Nelation" and released: Convergence (April), Endurance (May), Abyss (June) and some more.

🔹During his career, he has been adopting genres such as Hardstyle, Trap, Dubstep, Melbourne Bounce, Minimal, Trance, Psytrance, Deep House and some Oriental vibes.